Hits and Misses


Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, gratitude and (over?)eating.  Hopefully yours was a wonderful day with family, friends and food that you love.

Here are some hits and mBefore After 2012 2013isses from today:

On this second anniversary of my journey of reinvention, I know I weighed 300 pounds two years ago at this time.  A year ago, I was down to 197.  Today I weighed 142!  Definitely happy with that.

Post Race 1Our family ran the Turkey Trot 5K downtown this morning.  It was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g cold, but we all had good runs.  I ran my best pace EVER!  Unfortunately, Hubby can’t run anymore because of his bionic knee, but he was a great sport and had my warm coat waiting at the finish line.  Loved crossing the finish line with my friend Shirlee!Vornkahls and Alfandres

For lunch, I settled on some new and old recipes and kept it simple.  We roasted two turkey breasts (instead of a whole bird) and had enough leftovers for care packages for everyone but not endless turkey for days.

I repeated the quinoa/sweet potato/dried cranberry dressing from last year, which I love, but I also made Stovetop Stuffing for those who prefer it.  Did you know it has high fructose corn syrup in it?  Next year I’ll make it from scratch.

I did try making cranberry sauce from scratch, which was…a little on the tart side?  Hubby’s reaction was priceless, so I’ll have to up the honey next time.  (Sorry, dear!)  I did serve a can of jellied cranberries that I found in the pantry for the traditionalists in my family, but once again it has high fructose corn syrup and I didn’t eat it.

My slow-cooker sweet potatoes took too long, so it was a miss.  However, they were sweetened only with apple juice and had toasted pecans and were quite yummy once they were finally done.

I made breadsticks and mashed potatoes out of cauliflower.  It might be sort of an acquired taste!?  I liked them.   I also made deviled eggs using hummus, and I’ll definitely be making those again.

For dessert, we had a real pumpkin pie, but I also made grain-free mini-pies using a pecan/date crust that was good.

My mom always makes great green beans.  We had some red wine.  No real bread.  Didn’t make gravy though probably should have.Karen Michael Jenny Turkey Trot Shirts

We used smaller dinner plates to keep the serving sizes down, and everybody got full, a blessing to be thankful for any day of the year.

4 thoughts on “Hits and Misses

  1. This is the first time I have read your blog. It is wonderful! I love your honest approach to getting and staying fit. David and I are trying again to get moving in that direction. We have a lot of changes to make. I think I’ll try reading the book, In Defense of Food, that you recommended. Your story is a great encouragement to many! Thanks!

  2. I can only pray for dedication in my diet like this! I, on the other hand, had homemade cornbread dressing, mac-n-cheese, all the Thanksgiving trimmings, a croissant and a bit of dessert. I did forego homemade chocolate cake and the alcohol. I know I don’t get any brownie points for falling off the wagon on Thanksgiving! It’s Monday, and I just hopped back on that old wagon.
    Determined to downsize,
    Cindy :-)

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